An embarrassment of riches? Naw! by Diana Lang

The San Francisco Business Times ran this piece recently. That project is zooming right along but add to that this interesting and quite new opportunity.

Do the math, 157 acres on the North end of Mare Island then another 200 acres also on Mare Island - parcels that Lennar Mare Island, LLC has been sitting on. Anyone who knows me has probably heard my deep dissatisfaction with Lennar and their performance - and frankly monopoly played poorly - of our Mare Island. Like other such creatures, they take what they like and leave or frustrate the rest. Clicking here will get you to a KTVU piece that came out a long time ago. Dave Phinney’s Savage & Cooke has yet to open. I need to correct, I believe he does not own any of the buildings he has spent millions of dollars renovated. But come on, damn that is some sexy heritage to work with, right?

But here’s a question, is having control over so much of our island going to be the best thing for Vallejo as a whole? It’s a question that needs to be put out there/brought forward.

Kent Fortner has shown himself to be not only a winning partner of Mare Island Brewing but he gets Most Articulate Vallejo Cheerleader hands down!

Regardless, these are some very exciting times for out V-Town!

And hell yes you should contact me if you want to buy or sell property in Vallejo!

Some awesome downtown Vallejo women-owned businesses by Diana Lang

And more are on the way!

I got a lovely blue dress from Boutique Classique which I finally got to wear it for the annual fundraiser for the Vallejo Naval Historic Museum right on Marin street less than a block from where this shot was taken.

I am at Nicole Hodge’s Provisions for food several times a week (and the once-a-month pop ups). I LOVE Stephanie Brown’s shop called the Joint. Super star pottery maven Whitney Smith is right there and Shannon Moore Hartlep has our only bookstore and it is right downtown.

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Well you know I love coffee... by Diana Lang

Turns out there's a correlation of home prices and coffee shops. Read the San Francisco Chronicle piece here. Then come get a Cardamom Cold Brew from V-Town Provisions, an amazing array of brewed coffee FREE at the coffee tasting every Saturday at Moschetti's and don't forget, Urban Counter also uses Moschetti Coffee and yum, they do some creative drinks to go along with their great eats.

These are the businesses I proudly support. Wonderful humans with a great love of Vallejo that I am thrilled to call my friends.



I'm proud of our Mayor - and our city by Diana Lang

I count the Mayor of Vallejo as a friend. I knew him before he ran for council and for Mayor. This piece highlights some thoughtful longer-range planning that we need to do for our town. Nice to see him get this positive press.

I’m betting S.N. Jacobson got this pict. It wasn’t credited in the article.

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Forbes Baby! by Diana Lang

Not an article on me - yet ;0)

Dave Phinney does seem to be a beacon of light in our town and our future. Check out this piece. The writer's enthusiasm jumps off the page!!! (when you read the piece you'll see why such exclamation). Photo Credit: Margaret Pattillo