Let me talk about professionalism... by Diana Lang

When I take a listing, selling someone's property, it is an honor. I listen to what my clients want out of the process and sometimes that means spending a lot of time talking about their future. That can also mean helping them sort out their past by bringing someone in to help organize their items. Sometimes my clients really are not sure where they are going but through good communication I can help them with their thought process and assist them in their plan.

When I get a listing, I care about that property. Personally I pay for inspections so that if there are any issues with the property, everyone is aware of them before it even goes on the market and into contract. It is extremely important to me that their property is very well presented so I pay for a professional photographer to best showcase the property. I cannot tell you how it makes me feel ill when an agent takes horrible snaps on their phones and thinks that is a professional way to present someone's investment.

My job is to get the best offers for my clients! Great marketing and exposure gets multiple offers.

Sorry, but I needed to get this off my chest today. I trust you understand and hope that if you have a property you are interested in listing that I will be allowed to present my abilities to you personally.

Year End Hottest Market is...Vallejo! by Diana Lang

This wonderful and wacky market in Vallejo would continue to be the hottest - if there were more properties available. Check out the San Francisco Chronicle's article about it. The featured photo is of The Empress Theater which is in the downtown area of Vallejo. A good bit of downtown missed the wrecking balls that came through in the late 60's so many buildings are from 1850-1930. Come check it out!

Hot Market, blah, blah but WOW! by Diana Lang

So many people want to move into Solano County. Really nice, smart people who are drawn to southern Solano County and Vallejo specifically.

Here's a video that the City of Vallejo just came out with. Yeah, this is very exciting!


Further Confirmation of This Hot Market by Diana Lang

First, a bonus shot of my garden from this week:


KCBS had this piece on our local market. The yellow triplex went into contract under a week with an aggressive offer of all cash, 10 day close. Not common in our market but now becoming more familiar.

Also posted this past week is exciting news about Mare Island - Google ripples. Check out this map. This gives you a pretty clear image of Mare Island and Vallejo's layout. Wouldn't you like to live so close to the bay and have a 7 minute commute to Mare Island?





Capitol Stairs Mosaic ArtPlace by Diana Lang

There have been some wonderful projects that have come out of adversity in Vallejo. Years ago there was money in our general fund for community-based organizations (CBO's). That funding has been completely cut but the community has found quality of life projects - and the funding for them - because we know that a vibrant community is important for all. And it is often the arts community that leads the way.

Check out this wonderful video.