There are sooooo many exciting prospects for our Vallejo / by Diana Lang

Sure, I am giddy as a 7 year old right about now. Still reeling from a succession of highs from last week with the Vallejo City Council special session which resulted in a unanimous vote for an exclusive right to negotiate for the Nimitz Group to prepare an amazing vision for the bedraggled - yet tantalizing - 157 acre parcel on the north end of Mare island. Yes, it is a multi-page press release because it is so danged awesome! Let me interject that Dave Phinney, the man behind this whole shebang, admitted he was smitten with Mare Island. That alone is worth 100 bonus points. Smitten...yes.

Then the very next day was the opening of Factory_OS, also on Mare Island. Here is an excellent example of adaptive reuse of a massive 250,000 s.f. building once used to manufacture submarines and now it has morphed into creating housing - on a large scale. Google has ordered 300 units so far.  I think what hit me deepest is Factory_OS and their leaderships' purpose to help alleviate homelessness by partnering with some serious hitters in the non-profit realm to create SRO's (single room occupancy) units. It is at the core of their business model - but that is not to say they are not also producing some sexy market rate housing with firms such as David Baker Architects designing these units. Extra added bonus points for letting those of us at the event go up on the roof. Outstanding 360 views of Vallejo, Mt. Tam, Mt. Diablo, the Napa River and at least 5 counties. This is my new and most favorite pict which was taken atop building 680:

Happy Girl Mt Tam.jpg

Allow me to geek out further with my excitement of the new legislation regarding Accessory Dwelling Units. Vallejo is essentially built out. We are in dire need of new housing - market rate housing - and the tax basis it provides (do not get me started about Prop 13 and the consequences it has wrought). Here is a mechanism that if done well, could positively impact Vallejo and similar cities with finite housing stock. You see for homeowners it can provide a relatively affordable way to create another house of up to 1,200 s.f. on their property. And yes, a new property tax basis, permit fees and oversight...OK, I'm very passionate about, email or text me if you want more info.

And I haven't even hit on all the fun this week has brought. Come check out our town!